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Common Problems / Solutions


Won't Start 
  • Is there power to the dishwasher? 
  • Is door latched properly?
Won't Fill Properly
  • Is door latched properly?
  • Dishwasher Will Not Drain Completely 
  • Check for voltage to the unit
  • Is there a drain system blockage 
Dishes Not Clean or Dry
  • Suggested 140°F hot water at tap
  • Is power dry fully depressed 


Disposal Won't Run
  • Does the disposal need reset (reset button located at the bottom of the unit)? 


Uneven Drying
  • Overloaded dryer? 
Takes Too Long to Dry
  • Be sure lint filter is clean
  • Check exhaust or vent system
Runs Too Hot
  • Be sure lint filter is clean
  • Check exhaust or vent system
Won’t Start or Run
  • Is dryer plugged in?
  • Is door securely closed?
Dryer Runs but Won't Heat
  • Is the selector button fully depressed?
  • Is the 220 breaker partially tripped?

Microwave Ovens

Microwave Ovens Will Not Operate
  • Is the unit plugged in?
  • Is the door securely closed?
  • Is the microwave oven correctly set?
  • Are the air vents blocked? 
Food Takes Longer to Cook Than Suggested Times Given
  • Is there a voltage fluctuation in the area?
  • Is the microwave oven on its own circuit?
  • Is the glass shelf in place?
  • Too much food in the oven?
  • Is the food frozen? 

Ranges (All)

Range Clock or Lights Do Not Work
  • Is the range connected to a power supply?
  • Is the bulb burned out? 

Gas Ranges

Surface Burner Fails to Light
  • Is gas turned on?
  • Is the range connected to a power supply?
  • Are the burner ports clogged? (If so, clean with a straight pin.)
Uneven Flame
  • Are the burner ports clogged? 
Oven Burner Does Not Light
  • Is the range connected to a power supply?
  • Is gas turned on? 


Freezer Not Freezing
  • Freezer control set too warm?
  • Prolonged door openings or door not closed securely?
  • Hard-to-freeze items stored in freezer door?
  • Condenser needs cleaning?
  • Too much warm food added at one time? 
Icemaker Does Not Make Ice
  • Stop arm in off (up) position?
  • Water supply turned off? Water pressure too low?
  • Freezer too warm? 
Ice Dispenser Not Operating
  • Check for ice jam in the dispenser 
Water Dispenser Not Operating
  • Water supply turned off?
  • Water pressure too low? 
Refrigerator Won't Run
  • Does interior light come on? (If not, is refrigerator plugged in?)
  • Is there power at the outlet?
  • Have fuses and circuit breakers been checked? (If so, is temperature control turned to off?)
Refrigerator Runs Too Long / Too Frequently
  • Does condenser need cleaning?
  • Temperature control set too cold?
  • Prolonged or frequent door openings?
  • Door not sealing properly?
  • Room temperature excessively high?
  • Recently added warm food?
  • Base grill blocked? 
Fresh Food Compartment Too Warm or Too Cold
  • Incorrect settings used
  • Prolonged or frequent door openings
  • Meat / cheese drawer must be properly positioned 


Washer Won't Run
  • Is the unit plugged in?
  • Is there power at the outlet? 
Washer Won't Fill
  • Are faucets turned on?
  • Is there water to the faucets?
  • Are control buttons fully depressed? 
Washer Overfills
  • Does washer fill even if unplugged? 
Washer Fills With Improper Temperature
  • Are the hoses reversed?
  • Are both faucets turned on?
  • Suggested 140° F at the tap 
Washer Won't Spin
  • If full of water, raise and lower lid. If it starts, most likely it was out of balance. 


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